"Men to Aid Suffrage," Oregonian, August 29, 1912, 18.







Public Meetings to Be Held in Parks by Noted Advocates of “Votes for Women.”

Within the near future several prominent men will speak in this city and vicinity for the cause of equal suffrage. Among those who have promised their support to the Oregon State Equal Suffrage Association are: Senator Fulton, Senator Brownell, John Manning, Dr. Andrew C. Smith and A.E. Clark. Dates and places will be announced at a later date.
Two meetings will be held today in the headquarters of the Oregon State Association, 516 Selling building, one at 1:30 P.M., when the State Central Campaign Committee will meet. An hour later, those of its members who belong also to the advisory or executive board of the Oregon State League will be joined by the other members. In this way members are saved the trouble of meeting on two separate days.
From now on the Stenographers’ Equal Suffrage League will meet every week, instead of biweekly. A chairman will be secured and different speakers will give addresses at these meetings, which will be held every Monday night at 8 o’clock in the state headquarters, 516 Selling building. Mrs. E.O. Gardner, the president, is at present away at the seaside, but on her return she will entertain the members.
The state association has recently secured permission from the Mayor to have a series of public meetings, at which suffrage speakers will deliver addresses, in the parks on the East Side, and on the West Side of the city.
These addresses will be somewhat on the line of those given by members of the College Equal Suffrage League to the employes of the mills, factories and other places, where large numbers of workers are employed.
Helen La Reine Baker addressed over 100 men yesterday at the noon hour at the East Side lumber mills, being listened to with much attention, and meeting with great success.
Under the auspices of the Woman’s Club campaign committee, four women will leave Portland this morning in an automobile to make a trip through Clackamas County with the intention of obtaining converts to the cause of equal suffrage. The party is composed of Mrs. F. Eggert, the president of the club; Mrs. F.W. Cotterill, of Seattle, who is working here throughout the campaign, Mrs. C.B. Woodruff, and Miss Helen Gillespie.

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"Oregon Urged to Act," Oregonian, August 18, 1912, 7.







Dr. Esther Pohl-Lovejoy Declares English Militant Tactics Will Not Be Fruitful, However.

MILWAUKIE, Or., Aug. 17. – (Special.) – “If a suffragette in England throws a brick at the prime minister the fact is flashed all over the world, and the cause of equal suffrage gets world-wide attention, while the finest speech would get about five lines in the papers,” said Dr. Esther Pohl-Lovejoy in her address this afternoon at the rally held in the Milwaukie Grange Hall. She said that the same militant methods would not be approved in Oregon, but were effective in England.

Dr. Lovejoy pointed out that Oregon is the only state bordering on the Pacific Coast which has not granted equal suffrage, but that now is the time for this state to take a stand with Washington and California, and even with China. She pointed out wherein women are interested in civic affairs in that they pay taxes, street improvements and own homes.

Dr. Samuel M. Johnson, of Portland, spoke briefly in behalf of equal suffrage, and declared that November next he would vote to give the ballot to women for their own protection and for the protection of the home.

George C. Brownell said that he had always favored giving women the ballot, and had introduced the resolution in the Senate to provide a vote on the subject. He pointed to the conditions of children who work in factories and the immorality in New York and in other states, which, he declared need the vote of the mothers of the land of change. Mr. Brownell advised that the women organize in every precinct in the state.

“Talk will not get votes,” said Mr. Brownell, “I tried that myself. You should organize. Get a few men in every community to work. Let Tom talk to Jim. That is the work that will tell in the result.”

Captain J.P. Shaw, lecturer of the Grange presided, and the rally was held under the joint auspices of the Milwaukie-Oak Grove Equal Suffrage League and Milwaukie Grange. It was announced that there will be another meeting at the home of Mrs. J. F. Young, Alderbrook, near Oak Grove, next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, which will be addressed by Mrs. Asa Sleath, of Portland, under the auspices of the Milwaukie-Oak Grove Equal Suffrage League.

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"Laborers Harken to Suffrage Plea," Oregonian, August 16, 1912, 10.






Foundry Workers, Lumber-Yard Men, Pile Drivers First to Hear Women Orators.


Mass Gathering for Council Crest Is Arranged at Which Miss Birdie Wise and Dr. C. H. Chapman Will Make Appeals.

Stimulated by the success of the recent mass meeting of men and women out at the Oaks amusement park, the energetic suffragists, headed by Helen La Reine Baker, have made arrangements for a meeting to be held at Council Crest Sunday, August 25, at 4 P. M. Portland people that day will have the opportunity of hearing an address by an entirely new suffrage speaker, Miss Birdie Wise, of Astoria, who recently won first prize for oration at the University of Oregon. Dr. C. H. Chapman will be the other speaker of the day.

Manager Duchamp, when interviewed by Mrs. Baker, most cordially offered to turn over the entire grounds to the suffragists any day upon which they liked to fix provided he was given reasonable notice.

He also offered to do anything in his power to lend to the success of the meeting, even to building a rostrum for them from which the speeches could be made.

Foundry Workers Addressed.

As before, all the societies working to secure for women the right to vote have been asked to participate to make the meeting a success. Suffrage literature will be distributed along with buttons, banners and tags, while the committee is working to arrange some new and attractive details in addition to a programme of music.

Prior to his speech Sunday at Council Crest Dr. Chapman will leave with Miss Emma Wold, president of the College Equal Suffrage League, on Saturday at 2 P. M., for Astoria, there to address a meeting to be held in the evening.

Yesterday at the luncheon hour the workers at Smith & Watson foundry, at the foot of Harrison street, heard an address from Miss Ethel E. Griffith. Many of them came up at the conclusion of the meeting to express their entire sympathy with the movement.

Lumber Pile in Rostrum.

If the weather is propitious today Mrs. Baker will address the men in the Portland Lumber Mill at the foot of Lincoln street. She will talk to them from the top of a pile of lumber and for that reason will postpone her visit if the day turns out wet.

“You can hardly expect me to stand out there on a slippery log, you know, because I might become so interested in my work as to forget where I was standing and come a cropper. Besides men don’t want to listen to a speech in the rain even if it is on such an entrancing subject as suffrage,” smilingly remarked the gifted novelist.

Plans to reach every spot in every county in Oregon are under way by the committee of the College Equal Suffrage League, under the chairmanship of Mrs. J. E. Gratke, who has outlined an itinerary for Mrs. Sara Ehrgott in Marion County. The latter last night spoke to the piledrivers of the Southern Pacific by whom she was well received.

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"Suffragists Meet at Milwaukee Saturday," Portland Evening Telegram, August 13, 1912, 10.






A rousing meeting of suffragists from Portland, Oswego, Oregon City, and other points will be held next Saturday afternoon at Milwaukie, where the regular meeting of the Grange will be given over to a suffrage programme. Misses Frances and Florence Dayton, working with the Women’s Club Campaign Committee and other local organizations, are endeavoring to make this one of the most enthusiastic gatherings of the campaign for “Votes for Women.”

Dr. Esther Pohl-Lovejoy and Attorney Sam S. Johnson will be the leading speakers on the programme, and will answer questions following their addresses. Those going from Portland will meet at First and Alder for the 2 P.M. car Saturday, going to Hendee station, where a committee of young girl suffragists will be waiting to welcome all comers and conduct them to the Grange Hall.

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"Suffrage League Formed," Oregonian, August 11, 1912, 2:7.





Stenographers Will Have Permanent
Club for Both Sexes.

The first general meeting of the Stenographers Equal Suffrage League will take place tomorrow evening in the headquarters of the Oregon State Equal Suffrage Association, 516 Selling building, at 8 P. M.

The league has for its aims the study of all matters of a civic and municipal characters as well as suffrage.  In addition it will help members to procure acceptable situations.  It is for men as well as for women and it is not merely a temporary organization, to be disbanded after the campaign is at an end, but is to be a permanent club, with no dues or initiation fees beyond a charge of 10 cents for registration.  Mrs. E. O. Gardener is president.

Plans are under way for the formation of a similar league among the nurses, the majority of whom are in favor of the movement.

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