1912 - 2012: 100 Years of Women’s Votes in Oregon

In 2012, Oregonians will observe the 100th anniversary of the achievement of woman suffrage in our state.

Women in western states led the way in successful campaigns for the vote well before the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in August 1920. Since 1912, Oregon women have been able to fully engage in the political process, holding office as well as their long-standing role as activists.

Oregon’s suffrage history is a vibrant and vital part of the story of votes for women in our region, the nation, and around the globe.

The upcoming centennial is an opportunity for all Oregonians to reflect on important topics: the ongoing role women have played in our state’s history, the lessons of the suffrage movement, the achievements of citizen-based political movements, and the importance of civic engagement—among many other important historic and contemporary issues.

Using the anniversary as a broad, unifying theme, organizations across the state—small and large, and with a wide range of goals and expertise—can enhance the recognition and study of women in Oregon. Potential outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • exhibits and public programs
  • enhanced archival collections and oral histories
  • television, radio, and internet programming
  • lesson plans and syllabi
  • publications and research

We invite you to begin networking with others to observe this important occasion. One first step is to ask you to share what you think is most important to learn and do, as well as share any specific plans you may have by filling out a brief survey.


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