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Century of Action is eager to share our exhibit materials and mock town hall debate with communities around the state. We will offer digital files from "Votes for Women! The Oregon Story" free of charge. Venues will across Oregon will be able to print and mount the exhibit throughout the centennial year, and we encourage you to think about ways to add local stories to the exhibit. Questions? Feel free to email us at, and explore our website to learn more about Oregon woman suffrage history.

Votes for Women! The Oregon Story Digital Exhibit

Votes For Women

Presented by:
Oregon Commission for Women

"Votes for Women! The Oregon Story", the state's only comprehensive suffrage-centennial exhibit, debuted at the Collins Gallery of the Multnomah County Library from January 25 to March 6, 2012. The statewide launch was held at the Oregon Historical Society and featured key speaker Secretary of State Kate Brown. The exhibit components are now available in downloadable files and available at no cost to schools, libraries, museums, local historical societies, and other public venues. Thousands of people will benefit from the resources on our website, through visiting it themselves and through the display of downloaded exhibit material at venues throughout the state. All members of the public, and especially teachers, students, and heritage professionals, will benefit from the project. Click here to find an exhibit hosted near you, and here to get details on hosting your own free exhibit.

Please respect our work! "Votes for Women! The Oregon Story" images (and other images found on the Century of Action website) are property of the Oregon Women’s Historical Consortium and may not be replicated without written permission.

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Town Hall Debate

Town Hall Debate

Photo courtesy of Oregon Travel Experience

Century of Action’s acclaimed mock town hall debate on the question of woman suffrage will be presented at venues across the state during 2012, as part of a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission and matching funds. "What’s Suffrage Got To Do With It?" uses arguments found in news articles, speeches, and editorials the 1912 campaign that express the pros and cons of extending voting rights to the women of the state. Suffrage Player A portrays anti-suffrage sentiments in the role of Mrs. F.J. Bailey President of the Oregon Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. A second Suffrage Player expresses pro suffrage arguments as activist and Portland Woman’s Club President Sarah. A. Evans. The Suffrage Players perform a historically-accurate and highly entertaining town hall debate and come in full costume. Click here for upcoming performances.