Governor Barbara Roberts City Club Friday Forum

A Century of Women’s Suffrage in Oregon: Understanding History, Making History

Gov. Barbara Roberts, Metro Councilor

It took 42 years and five unsuccessful campaigns before women in Oregon achieved the right to vote in 1912. Next year, Oregon will commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the state and already the retrospectives and celebrations are beginning.

On July 8, Governor Barbara Roberts recounted a critical piece of Oregon history: the story of the campaign for Oregon women’s right to vote. She also offered her observations on women’s political activity in the state, their growing electoral successes and expanded public leadership, and the many challenges women continue to face.

To listen to Gov. Roberts Friday Forum presentation click here:

Gov. Roberts is the co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Century of Action: Oregon Women Vote, 2912-2012 centennial celebration.

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