“She Flies With Her Own Wings”

Associate Professor Randall Lake (Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism University of Southern California) has compiled and annotated a rich collection of Abigail Scott Duniway’s speeches.

“Scott Duniway was a prolific writer and speaker with a wide range of interests. In addition to being a forceful advocate on a number of public issues, she was a practicing journalist, wrote novels, and even dabbled in poetry. Of necessity, this collection overlooks her literary works in favor of her didactic rhetorical efforts, principally her speeches.

My aim in assembling this collection has been inclusive. The newspapers of her day often reported Scott Duniway’s remarks with varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. I have excluded texts that are obviously paraphrased rather than quoted, and those, even if quoted, that are too brief to be very illuminating. But otherwise I have erred on the side of inclusion. Some texts are lengthy while others are brief; some are very formal while others are casual; some could be called major addresses while others are quite ephemeral; some are apparently complete texts while a few are fragments. Each is an important piece of the on-going project that is the historical record. In musical terms, this is not a “greatest hits” collection but as complete a record as I have been able to assemble.”

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