Put a Sash On It

While wearing a sash around and taking pictures of all of your friends can be fun, don’t let the fun stop there! While we do recommend staying dressed while sashing, you don’t need to take the fun out of it! Sure, keep sashing everyone you know and taking pictures galore, but start thinking outside the box. Is there a historical or beloved statue in your town? Sash it! Next time you see your school mascot or team mascot, sash it! Happen to see a funny mannequin? Throw a sash on it and take a picture! We encourage you to have fun with your sash, and help increase its visibility around the state! Those suffragists we admire so much certainly had to keep their sense of humor after seeing the suffrage amendment defeated five times before finally reaching success in their sixth and final attempt in 1912. Their tenacious spirit and determination got them through years of defeat, and all of their hard work paid off when they were finally able to cast a vote and run for public office.

While searching the state for a proper statue or landmark to sash, this oldie but goodie from Portland was brought to my attention. Portland’s Mayor Bud Clark (1985-1992), the long-time owner of the Goose Hollow Inn Tavern is known as one of Portland’s most colorful politicians Like our suffragists, Bud was willing to go to great lengths for the things he believed in. The famous picture of Mayor Clark flashing the “Kvinneakt” statue was taken to call attention to the importance of art education.

Kvinneakt statue in downtown Portland

Now it’s time to call attention to a cause you believe in! Grab your sash and get out there in your community! Sash whatever you can to call attention to the work and accomplishments of all those hard working women 100 years ago!

Don’t be afraid to do some crazy things! Remember, pictures say a thousand words, and a picture of a sash on a famous statue in your town will tell a wonderful story! 

Posted by The Intern on 02/28 at 06:45 PM
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