"Anti-Suffragists Meet, Body Opposing Votes for Women Plans Statewide Opposition," Oregonian, March 16, 1912, 11.





Body Opposing Votes for Women Plans Statewide Opposition

To prepare for the coming campaign the Oregon State Association opposed to the extension of the suffrage to women held its first public meeting of the year Thursday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Gordon Voorhies. Nineteenth and Kearney streets, at which 40 women were present. Mrs. Francis J. Bailey, president, announced that this was one of a number of public meetings to be held to start the campaign to defeat the proposed woman’s suffrage amendment to the state constitution. The secretary, Miss Eleanor E. Gile, read a paper, prepared by Wallace McCamant, showing what the association had done in the 12 years of its existence and how it had won at the polls whenever the matter had been submitted to the voters of the state.
The treasurer, Mrs. Wallace McCarmant, submitted her report that showed the expense of the last campaign to have been $770, and with the suggestion that it would take much more to make the fight at the coming election. Miss Henrietta Failing, vice-president of the association, read an interesting paper on its objects and aims.
Mrs. Herbert Holman and Miss Bain, of the Lincoln school, read papers on the condition of women in the states where women’s suffrage exists, the latter giving her personal experience in Utah, where she resided for four years. Before adjournment and after tea had been served it was announced that it was the desire to increase the membership as much as possible and to that end all present were requested to interest their friends in the movement and invite them to become members.

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