"Anti-Suffragists Not to Accept Challenge," Portland Evening Telegram, March 18, 1912, 16.





Mrs. Bailey Says They Will Not Debate, but Will Campaign Quietly.

President W. M. Davis’ challenge to a debate with Wallace McCamant or members of the Oregon State Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women will not be answered, according to members Mrs. Frances J. Bailey, president of the organization says:
“We don’t have to debate with those people. We have carried on our work quietly and successfully and we intend to do the same thing in the campaign. The people who do not want women to vote are not the kind who got out and shout and they will take care of us in the next election as they have in the past.”

A meeting of the executive board of the antis was held this afternoon when plans for the campaign were outlined.
The woman’s political Equality League is holding its regular meeting this afternoon at the auditorium of Olds. Wortman & Kings Mrs M. L. T Hidden, the president will deliver an address on Equality before the Law.” The next open meeting of the College Equal Suffrage League will be held at the Neighborhood House, where “Bill” Hanley of Central Oregon and Rabbi Jonah Wise will be the principal speakers.
At Saturday night’s meeting held under auspices of the Men’s Equal Suffrage League Judg Gateus of the Juvenile Court. John H Stephenson and Will R. King were the speakers, all of whom agreed that the influence of women was needed in politics, Judge Gateus laying stress on what the ballot in the hands of the women would do in relation to the social evil.

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