"Deny Liquor Men Issued Pamphlets," Salem Daily Capital Journal, October 25, 1912, 1.



Deny Liquor Men Issued Pamphlets

The following self-explanatory letter of denial has been received by The Capital Journal, accompanied by a request for publication, from the Oregon State Association on opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women:

The Oregon State Association opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women wishes to deny statements made last Monday at the W. C. T. U. convention, when, according to press reports, it was announced from the platform that the liquor Interests were circulating thousands of copies of a pamphlet of which Rev. Clarence True
Wilson is the author. That pamphlet is issued by and bear the name of the Oregon State Association Opposed to the Extension of the Suffrage to so that the statement that it was issued by any other person or organization was a gratuitous fabrication, and known to be such by all persons making it.

“It has become the fashion for suffragists to attribute all their defeats to the ‘liquor men.” This has been the cry In Ohio, and, after the successive majorities rolled up against them, in Oregon. As a matetr of fact, not one of the six suffrage states has prohibition, and in a recent map published by the national W. C. T. U., Oregon stands out conspicuously dry among the surrounding wet and suffrage states.

Dr. Wilson’s pamphlet is a valued part of the organized protest against the imposition of woman suffrage upon the women of Oregon, a protest which Is signed and sent out by the following women of the association:
“Mrs. J. F. Bailey, president; Miss Failing, first vice-president; Mrs. R.W. Wilbur, second vice-president; Mrs. Wallace McCamant, treasurer; Mrs. Eleanor Gille, secretary; Mrs. H. W. Corbett, Mrs. A. K. Rockey, Mrs. C. H. Lewis, Mrs. David Loring, Mrs. J. B. Montgomery, Mrs. W. C. Alvord, Mrs. Gordon Voorhies, Mrs. R. W. Lewis, Mrs. James N. Davis, Mrs. Alma D. Katz, Mrs. S. T. Hamilton, Mrs. Herbert Holman, Mrs. C. A. Johns, Baker; Mrs. J. H. Templeton, Prineville; Miss Bush, Salem; Mrs. W. I. Vawter, Medford; Mrs. Elizabeth Vockey, Ashland; executive committee Mrs. E.H. Shephard, Hood River;  Mrs. A. J. Richardson, Joseph; Mrs. J. M. Connell, Miss Rita Alderman, Falls City; Mrs. M. K. McFarland, Airlie; Mrs. F. B. Harlow, Troutdale; Mrs. George T. Flavel, Astoria; Mrs. W. S. McFadden, Corvallls; Mrs. Dun O’Neill, Oregon City; Miss Emily Loveridge; superintendent Good Samaritan hospital, Portland.

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