"Emma Wold to Mrs. Hattie Vail," Pacific Grange Bulletin, September 15, 1912, 204.





Dear Mrs. Vail:

“Your work is all the same:
Work together or work apart,
Work each of you, with all your heart—-
Just get into the game.”

That is what every woman who has at heart the cause of women and children asks of every other woman—-“Just get into the game.”

There is no doubt that the rank and file of Oregon people are interested in equal suffrage; the question is how much. The greatest menace to the work for equal suffrage to-day is the do-nothing attitude of those who feel that the measure is going to carry anyway. The opposition is not depending upon such quiescence to gain their end.

We are told by men again and again, “When the women really want the vote, we will give it to them.” So the women of Oregon are learning to stand shoulder to shoulder, and to work actively, in season and out of season, to show that this time they are really in earnest. Every man and woman in the state who believes in Amendment No. I, should join in the great procession of those who are willing to march, as marched the women of New York, for an idea. That means you can’t keep out of the game.

We need not only sympathy but also active workers. We are sending outay [sic] call to every sympathizer to buckle on the armour [sic] of activity and to keep it on for the next two months. From the effort of one may spring the impetus to carry your city, your township, your county. On the enthusiasm of one may hang the welfare of thousands of women and children. It is our hope that Nov. 5, will bring a solid Pacific front for equal suffrage and that Oregon in filling up the gap may roll up a majority so overwhelming that the word of it will arouse the cast. That is why we are asking every one to “get into the game.”

President College Equal Suffrage League

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