"Equal Suffrage Fully Indorsed by State Grange," Oregon Journal, May 18, 1912, 6.





Equal Suffrage Fully Indorsed by State Grange

Roseburg, Or., May 18—The closing hours of the meeting of the State Grange were devoted to a discussion of road measures and taxation…Woman suffrage came in for a full share of attention and the following resolution was passed without opposition:
Equal Suffrage Indorsement
“Whereas, The social relations of the family and state have from the beginning of the history of the human race shown man and woman, though of different spheres of activity and frequently of different viewpoints, to be essentially necessary in the social, economical and intellectual welfare of the home, the community and this state.
“Whereas, The evidence of examples shown by trial in other states proves that women are not only entitled to participate in the practical duties of the state but that they have shown themselves to exhibit an interest and judgment the equal of their enfranchised brothers.
“Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Oregon State Grange Association goes on record as favoring the granting of suffrage to the women of the state of Oregon and commend the same to the consideration of all those persons who now exercise the rights of citizenship.”


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