"Her Voting," Monmouth Herald, October 11, 1912, 5.



Her Voting

“It is feared that women will neglect their homes for the polls” –Argument of the Antis.

Oh! wicked women, can it be
That in your new-found energy
You would from home and baby stay
And vote and vote the livelong day?

O Women! Can they all be true–
The awful things they say of you?
Would you neglect your breed of six
To spend each day in politics?

Would you go out at morning light
And stay until the dark of night
To cast your ballots every day?
Must woman’s vote be cast that way?

Is home to see you never more?
We’ve heard of naught of that before
With ‘Lection Day (the truth I seek)
For women come seven days a week?

Our husbands, fathers, brothers go
To vote. It takes an hour or so
With months between – yet, you I note,
will juggle a contentious vote.

–Lurana Sheldon in New York Times.

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