"M’Camant Stirs Suffragists’ Ire," Oregonian, March 18, 1912, 18.





Statements Made at Meeting of Those Opposing Move Bring Challenge/ OPEN DEBATE IS SOUGHT/ Leaders of Association Lined Up Against “Votes for Women” Say They Will Pay No Attention to Offer for Public Words.

Statements made by Wallace McCamant in a communication from him, read at a meeting of the Oregon State Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women, have aroused the ire of members of the Men’s Equal Suffrage Club, and W. M. Davis, its president, said yesterday:
“I want to say on behalf of the Men’s Equal Suffrage Club that we will challenge Mr. McCamant or any person whom he or the anti-suffragists may suggest, to meet us in public debate at any time and any place and under any conditions. Furthermore, we will hire a brass band for the occasion, advertise the debate, rent a hall and bear all incidental expenses of such debate.”

Challenge to Go Unaccepted.
Mr. McCamant, in his communication, reviewed the work of the anti-suffragists during the past 12 years, laying particular emphasis upon their success in defeating the measure of the suffragists. “I will pay no attention to the challenge of Mr. Davis,” said Mr. McCamant last night.
Mrs. Francis F. Bailey, president of the organization, said yesterday that she did not think her organization would be inclined to consider any suggestion for meeting the suffragists in debate.
“We don’t have to debate with these people.” She said. “We have carried on our work quietly and successfully in the past and we intend to do the same thing this campaign. The people know where we stand and a debate would not do any good. We are not going to make a loud racket and clamor, which means nothing and accomplishes nothing. The pople who do not want women to vote are not the kind that get out and shout, and they will take care of us at the next election, the same as they have done in the past.”

Meeting Called for Today.
The anti-suffrage organization held its first preliminary meeting last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Gordon Voorhies at 622 Kearney street. A plan of action will be outlined and developed at a meeting of the executive board to be held this afternoon at 2 o’clock in the apartments of Mrs. Bailey, in the Bowers Hotel.
The anti-suffragists will most likely wage their fight in this campaign with public meetings, by the distribution of literature and by newspaper publicity. Debates, however, are not included in the plan.
While the anti-suffragists decline to believe that their own object is in any serious jeopardy, the suffragists are active. They are continually organizing new clubs, arranging public meetings and sending their literature to all corners of the state.
State Committee is D…
The State central committee of the Oregon Equal Suffrage League has appointed organizers and is laying the ground for the establishment of new organizations in all parts of the state. The individual organizations, particularly the Men’s Equal Suffrage Club and the National College Equal Suffrage League, will also be strongly fortified with branches throughout the state. Perhaps one of the first branches of the men’s club to be formed will be at Hood River.
Their newest organization—the Women’s Political Equality League—will hold a meeting this afternoon in the auditorium of Olds, Wortman & King’s store at 3 o’clock. Mrs. M. L. T. Hidden, president and founder of the league, will speak on “Equality Before the Law.” Another new league is about to be formed by Mrs. E. C. Comorford, which will also enter the central committee. Next Thursday afternoon at 1:30 the central committee will hold its second regular meeting in the quarters of the National College Equal Suffrage League, 406 Selling building.
The next open meeting of the National College Equal Suffrage League will be held in the Neighborhood House, in South Portland, April 2. The meeting promises to be a rousing one, as William Hanley and Rabbi Jonah R. Wise have been secured for the principal speakers.

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