"Mrs. Belmont Sends Coin," Oregonian, October 28, 1912, 1.





Mrs. Belmont Sends Coin

Famous New York Suffragist Joins
Everybody’s Suffrage League.

“Everybody’s Equal Suffrage League” grows and grows, and as it grows it spreads. Saturday there arrived at headquarters, the home of Dr. Esther Pohl-Lovejoy, a modest “two bits,” which was reclining in a coin card. It was from Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont, who thereby became one of the vice-presidents. For that sum everybody becomes a vice-president, for there is no other office and no rank and file. 

Mrs. Belmont had heard of the fame of this organization, and she wanted very much to become a member, and incidentally one vice-president out of the 600 which the league has garnered in within the three weeks of its existence. With her “quarter” came a letter wishing for the success of the cause in Oregon, and rejoicing that the prospects were bright.

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