"Mrs. Duniway is Ill," Oregonian, March 10, 1912, 4.







Cold Contracted During Arduous Campaign Work Last Month Develops Into Sever Weakness.

Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, president of the Oregon State Equal Suffrage Association and the pioneer in the battle for woman’s suffrage in the West, is critically ill at her home at 292 Clay stree, where she has been confined for the last three weeks.

Her illness came after the arduous work of the first few days of launching the suffrage campaign early in February. She seemed at first to have contacted a cold, due to the wet weather then prevailing, and later symptoms of pneumonia developed. The pneumonia symptoms afterward disappeared, but he illness continued.

Although Mrs. Duniway appeared for some time to be getting better, her condition a few days ago began to decline. Yesterday she was quite low, although last evening she was reported to be resting easy. Her two sons were with her last night. Despite her advanced years, Mrs. Duniway continues with her wonderful vitality to defy the encroachments of sickness, and declares that she will soon recover. With the exception of infrequent intervals, when her mind seems to show her weight of years, she retains her clearness of mental poise and talks with her callers on suffrage campaign activities and its progress. On Thursday, from her bed, she directed the organization of the state central committee of the Oregon State Equal Suffrage Association, and named the members and officers of the committee.

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