"Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet 1912 Page 5," Oregon Secretary of State, Voters Pamphlet for the General Election, 1912 (Salem: Oregon State Printer, 1912), November 05, 1912, p. 5.




The inequality of suffrage has been the basic principle that has ever
oppressed humanity.
    There is always an element that resents change. Many a serf
fought to prevent freedom and many a slave opposed his own liberation.
It should be the obligation of every individual irrespective of sex,
whether householder or not, to have a voice in the making of our laws
both civic and national. Liberty and responsibility for both sexes in
public affairs will improve the quality by stimulating the study of
government. Men and women can never be pitted against each other
in government, because nature, which is higher than human law, has
fitted them for companionship. They must help men in the uplifting
of the world by making democracy and its consequent development, a
realized dream.
    The growth of public sentiment in favor of this movement all around
Oregon has been, as you know, phenomenal.
    Believing that our Beloved Oregon should and will prove that her
progressive spirit is equal to that of the six equal suffrage states sur-
rounding her, and add a seventh star to the galaxy of fully free states,
we rest our case with you at the coming election. In the hope that we
shall not be compelled again to make this expensive and laborious
struggle for equality of rights as voters, we respectfully request you
AMENDMENT at the coming November election.
    MRS. HENRY WALDO COE, Honorary and Acting President and Treas-
urer of National Committee, 841 Lovejoy St., Portland, Oregon.
    MRS MYRTLE PEASE HATFIELD, Member National Committee, Box 151,
Forest Grove, Oregon.
Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, Presi-   Miss H. L Seeley, Chairman of
    dent and Corresponding Secre-            Fin. Committee, Headquarters,
    tary, 292 Clay St, Portland, Ore.       406 Selling Bldg., Portland, Ore.
Mrs. Elizabeth Lord, Vice-President    
      at Large, The Dalles, Ore.                           AUDITORS.                                    
Mrs. C. M. Cartwright, Vice-Presi-   Mrs. F. Eggert, The Hobart-Curtis,
      dent, 215 7th St., Portland, Ore.     Portland, Ore. .
Miss Elma Buckman, Recording   Mrs. M. A. Dalton, 300 24th St.,
      Secretary, 42 E. 18th St., N.,         North, Portland, Ore. 
      Portland, Ore.         Mrs. Imogene Bath, Hillsboro, Ore.

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