"Proclamation to be in Mrs. Duniway’s Hand Writing," Salem Daily Capital Journal, November 11, 1912, 2.



Proclamation to be in Mrs. Duniway’s Hand Writing
When he is ready to issue a proclamation declaring the women of the state of Oregon legal voters, as a result of the recent passage of the woman suffrage measure Governor West has announced that he will request Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, of Portland, to write the proclamation in her own hand, and will sign it. The governor will do this as an honor to Mrs. Duniway, who is the pioneer equal suffragist of the state.
Governor West is desirous that the document declaring the women of the state voters on an equal footing with men shall go into the archives of the state house in the handwriting of Mrs. Duniway. It is required that within 30 days after election the votes on the initiative measures shall be canvassed by the secretary of state, who shall give the results to the governor, and the executive shall thereupon issue the proclamation declaring the measure a law. The governor will hasten the suffrage proclamation, so that the women of the state may participate in city elections where such are to come before the first of the year.

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