"Suffrage League Is Gaining Rapidly," Oregon Journal, October 24, 1912, 13.






Youngest Organization Largest Numerically; Money Pouring in Each Day.

[Photo of Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy]

Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy, president of Everybody’s Equal Suffrage League

Everybody’s Equal Suffrage league enjoys the distinction of being the youngest and at the same time the largest numerically of any of the many organizations which the women of Portland have organized in their effort to carry the suffrage amendment November 5. As is indicated by the name the league is decidedly far reaching and its somewhat unusual methods have proven most telling. 

During the visit of Dr. Anna Shaw to Portland just three weeks ago Everybody’s league was organized with Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy as president; Jane Lewis Chapin, secretary, and Miss Helen Gillespie, treasurer, and the membership now numbers 600. These women soon gathered around them a goodly number of suffrage advocates, both women and men, and then the campaigns for members began in earnest. All of the pasteboard cards with openings for coins to be mailed were bought up and after the women had exhausted Portland’s supply Seattle was called upon to finish out. With these coin cards were placed the “visiting card” of Everybody’s Equal Suffrage league with a detachable card on which the recipient was asked to write his or her name and address. 

Money Pouring In.
With suprising promptness and in great numbers the return cards began to roll in, accompanied by sums of money varying from $5 to 25 cent pieces, although only the latter sum was all that was asked as the membership asked for covers only one month. Dollars and halves the women have received without number and in accordance the treasury has been materially enriched for the further carrying on of the suffrage work.

A notable thing about the league is its democracy, the membership includes both men and women, young and old, and from the humblest walks of life up to and including United States senators and supreme judges. Another striking feature is the fact that the majority of members are men and in many instances the men sent with their membership cards and cash little notes of congratulation and encouragement, assuring the ladies of their support of the amendment on election day.

One of the more recent achievements of the league of which it feels very proud is the placing of cartoon moving picture films in many of the moving picture show houses, both in Portland and other Oregon cities. Several local houses are nightly showing these films and similar films have also been placed in Baker City, Roseburg, Grants Pass, Eugene and Medford. Two workers from the league are now in Salem and it is expected that films will be placed there soon. 

At a recent meeting of the league a resolution was passed to the effect that if the amendment pertaining to suffrage did not carry the league, would become a permanent organization, and continue to work for suffrage until it was obtained. In the event of the amendment carrying it was resolved to continue the work of the league under the head of Everybody’s Civic league, the object being a study of civic and other public questions pertaining to government.

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