"Suffrage Tour Pleases," Oregonian, September 01, 1912, 2:5.



Mrs. Florence Ewell Atkins Says of West, “If That’s Politics May the Lord Give Us More.”

After a tour, commencing with the local Chautauquas, which was highly successful, Mrs. Florence Ewell Atkins, of National, Tenn., one of the most prominent regular speakers for the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, returned to Portland yesterday afternoon. Her speeches have been mainly on temperance, but wherever possible Mrs. Atkins lost no opportunity of dilating upon the advantages of suffrage.
Speaking of the tour, Mrs. Atkins was full of enthusiasm for the people of Corvallis, where she had a remarkable reception. “The fine church there was absolutely filled to overflowing and what is more, without so much as raising a finger to ask for it, we received over $107 at the collection, which, I think, was absolutely a record for the place.”

At Baker, Milton and elsewhere in Eastern and Southern Oregon Mrs. Atkins has been carrying out the work of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. She will remain in Portland a week, speaking among other places, at the Y. W. C. A. September 3 at 3 P. M. The following week will be spent at Tillamook by special request, and towards the end of September she will leave for Washington to attend the state fair, returning again to Portland for the National convention of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, October 19, when she will be one of the regular speakers.

“During the last few days I have had an opportunity of indorsing the work that Governor West has now set himself to do, and I think that such a man in such an endeavor should have the strongest possible support from the churches, at present lukewarm in my opinion, and from every decent citizen in the city and state. With regard to the remarks made by some people that this is but a new political move, then all I can say is, if that’s politics, may the Lord give use [sic] a few more politicians like him.

“All along the line the indications that suffrage will win out at the election are extremely promising. Wherever I spoke on the cause numerous men came to me afterwards saying how strongly they favored the movement and how sure they were of its success.”

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