"Suffragists Will Work in Harmony," Oregon Journal, March 03, 1912, 5.






Equal Suffrage Advisory Committee Organized — “Get Together” Is Slogan.

To promote harmonious effort in their campaign for the rights of the franchise, 10 or 12 Portland suffragists met yesterday afternoon at the headquarters of the Woman’s Club Campaign committee. 507 Rothchild building, and the Equal Suffrage Advisory committee whose slogan shall be “get together for the cause.”

W. M. Davis was chosen chairman of this committee and the membership is to be comprised of three representatives from each of the various equal suffrage associations. The choice of these memberships will be left open, so that the several organizations may be represented by different persons at different times. It is planned to hold an open forum every other Saturday at the auditorium in the Olds, Wortman & King building, and at these sessions the committee members will get together and discuss ways and means for attaining the best results in the campaign. The first forum will be held next Saturday and will be open to the general public as will be the succeeding meetings.

Each organization will continue to work to the desired ends independent of the others, but at the same time they will stand together on a common ground through the joint committee.

Represented at yesterday’s meeting were the College Equal Suffrage league, the Woman’s Club Campaign committee, the Man’s Equal Suffrage club and the State Equal Suffrage association. Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway was too ill to appear in person, but she was represented by Mrs. A. C. Newell.

The joint committee is left open for further membership so that equal suffrage organizations which may be formed during the campaign may be represented on an equal footing with other associations.

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