"Will Have Universal Suffrage," Salem Daily Capital Journal, November 12, 1912, 1.



Will Have Universal Suffrage: Dr. Anna Shaw Said Today, “We Hold the Balance of Power, 70 Electoral Votes, We Will All Vote in 10 Years”

New York, Nov. 12- Universal Suffrage in the United States and Great Britain within ten years will result from the woman suffrage victories in Oregon, Michigan and Kansas, according to Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Woman Suffrage Association here today. She said: “We hold the balance of power—seventy electoral votes—in any closely contested election. When the political parties are brought to recognize that fact, we will no longer need to plead for the franchise. It will be given to us.”
“Men fear that women will seek the spoils of office. That is their main reason for hesitancy in…the suffrage idea. That is wrong. Had I to choose between a man and a woman for an office, each equally equipped, I would vote for the man. Woman, you know cannot take an office away from a man as long as he runs for it. She has to run for it herself. We will wait until we are equipped for office.”

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