"Woman Suffrage Gets Aid From the W.C.T.U.," Portland Evening Telegram, March 01, 1912, 14.





State and County Organizations Lay Campaign Plans for Summer and Fall.

State and county organizations of the W.C.T.U. have begun to lay out a definite campaign for equal suffrage to extend through the Summer and Fall.
At the meetings of the state executive committee held yesterday and the institute held today much enthusiasm was evinced over the programme which will include widespread dissemination of literature and a series of lectures in different parts of the state by some of the foremost speakers in the country, among them Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens, president of the National body and Miss Anna Gordon, vice-president; Mrs. Florence Elwell Atkins, of Tennessee, one of the finest speakers on the temperance platform; Mrs. Helen Harford, a National lecturer, and the state president, Mrs. Unruh. The latter has just returned from Eastern Oregon where she gave a series of 20 lectures on equal suffrage before large audiences.
“Our arguments, this year, as in the past,” said Mrs. Unruh, “will be along the lines of the moral benefits to be derived from the granting of the ballot to women.”
Mrs. Lucia Faxon Additon presented the subject at this afternoon’s meeting of the county presidents and the details of the plans were discussed by the members. The greatest activity will begin in June with the arrival of the National president and another period of activity will be in September following the National convention to be held in this city with the White Temple as headquarters. Eight hundred delegates are expected to attend this convention and as many more visiting workers. Richard Hobson will be one of the prominent speakers.

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