"Suffragists To Unite," Oregonian, August 09, 1912, 12.





Oaks to Be Scene of Gathering and Noted Speakers Will Be In Attendance.

What is expected to be the greatest gathering ever held in Portland of men and women in favor of equal suffrage will assemble at the Oaks Park Sunday afternoon. C. E. S. Wood and Sara Bard Ehrgott will deliver addresses and 300 members of the College Equal Suffrage League, under whose auspices the meeting is being given, will attend in a body in their caps and gowns. Members of every suffrage organization in the city have been invited to attend.

Up to the present members of the various organizations have been in the habit of holding their own meetings, but on all sides now it is beginning to be recognized that, though there are many advantages in having a number of societies, which will thus reach all types of people, it is necessary that the various bodies unite on occasions of importance.

For this reason every man and woman, whether a member of any organization or not, is particuuarly requested to be present, so that the remarks made by some of the opposition as to the scarcity of any but the “few faddists, the paid agitators and the mannish women” may be refuted.

The addresses will commence at 4 o’clock from the bandstand and there will be an intermission, during which a fine musical programme will be given. Professor Pelz, the popular music director at the Oaks is giving his assistance in the preparation of the entertainment features.

Plans are already underway for a great suffrage parade after the meeting, which, though not expected to rival that of New York women, will, nevertheless, give some idea of the number of people who are hoping for a successful issue to this campaign in November.

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"Suffrage Work is Active," Oregonian, August 02, 1912, 12.





Success from Business District Related—- Colored Women Help
Continued activity with regard to suffrage work at the beaches was the predominant feature of the regular meeting of the state central campaign committee, held yesterday at headquarters in the Selling building, and presided over by Robert A. Miller.

Mrs. F. W. Cotterill related success in her work in the business districts and reports were also heard from the organizations. Afterwards a letter, which had been received by the committee from Ohio, was read. In it the writer asked for further information with regard to the “stunning suffrage float,” some details of which she had read in The Oregonian, sent to her by friends.

Announcement was also made that the Colored Women’s Equal Suffrage League had doubled its membership and that the editor of their paper, the Advocate, favored the movement.

Mrs. Clara B. Colby, who arrived yesterday, announced that she had organized societies at Warrenton and Seaside. She leaves today for Benton County, holding a meeting at Corvallis tomorrow night. Her return was balanced by the departure of Mrs. Sara Ehrgott for Salem, which is to be made her headquarters and where several meetings are to be held. By Monday she hopes to have reported that further associations have been formed.

The College Equal Suffrage League will hold a large general meeting Tuesday, at which all members are earnestly asked to be present, because a resume of the month’s work is to be given and plans for future efforts outlined.

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