"Miss Crosman To Speak," Oregonian, June 19, 1912, 14.







At Luncheon This Week at Imperial Hotel Women Will Listen to What Stage Folk Think.

Through the instrumentality of Mrs. Olive Stott Gabriel, sister of Mrs. E. J. Bullock, of Portland, members of the College Equal Suffrage League, will be addressed by Miss Henrietta Crosman at a luncheon to be given in her honor at the Imperial Hotel Thursday or Friday. Mrs. Mary Ringrose, who has been doing such good work among the Catholics in the city, also will be a guest. Both will give addresses on the subject nearest their hearts. Such was the leading announcement at the bi-monthly meeting of the College Equal Suffrage League, held yesterday at headquarters in the Selling building.
Mrs. Gabriel, who had recently come to Portland from New York to help on the cause of equal suffrage, is a member of the same suffrage society in New York as Miss Crosman. The latter is well known for her willingness to devote her spare time to gaining adherents.
Thursday week another luncheon will be given in honor of Miss Anita Whitney, of California, who has been working here for the past two weeks. Miss Whitney will give the principal address.
At the opening of the meeting a letter from Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway was read, in which she sent greetings and sincere thanks for the cup which had been won by the suffragist float in the parade, and which the members of the various orders had presented to her.
From today the College Equal Suffrage League opens its doors to all suffragists, men or women, whether of college education or not. This step has received the official sanction of the National League. To aid the campaign, which is only beginning its active course, several members have donated automobiles, among the mostthe most recent to do so being Mrs. C. U. Gantenbein.
At a committee meeting of the Woman’s Club campaign committee yesterday in the Rothschild building, a new league entitled the Equal Suffrage Lyceum League was formed, with the purpose of raising a fund with which to hold meetings and procure eminent speakers to promote the suffrage campaign in Oregon. During July many well-known women are coming to Oregon to speak.
The committee in charge is as follows: Mrs. Sarah A. Evans, chairman; Mrs. W. H. Fear, treasurer; Mrs. Frederick Eggert, Mrs. Esther C. Pohl, Mrs. Grace Watt Ross, Mrs. G. W. McMillan and Mrs. A. King Wilson. Governor West, Samuel Hill, Dr. Luther R. Dyott, Dr. C. H. Chapman, D. Solis Cohen, W. M. Davis and John F. Logan are vice-presidents.

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